They may have walked in some other bacteria or parasite and can transmit this to you, although this is not common. They have three pairs of limbs, with one pair behind the first three segments on the head. They gather around the lights during this time to mate, so that’s how they all find each other. There are birds, toads, and snakes that are adept at eating up June bugs. Your outdoor light fixtures are great for adding a touch of decor to the outside of your home and providing necessary lighting for convenience, comfort, and safety when you're hanging out outside or entering or exiting your home in the dark. Use citronella candles. Be careful not to use this on something you or your pets may get into contact with, as this may mold and be harmful if consumed. This can be vital to protecting both your crops and your sanity. So you definitely don’t want to use something that’s not safe for humans, pets, or consumption. Cicada nymphs look much different, with an elongated abdomen and legs. As their name easily shows, they’re most often found in June, as often get confused with “May bugs.”. Leave them alone and enjoy them when you see them. Some popular choices that you may want to research are (these aren’t natural solutions): You don’t want to use something too poisonous as this will be used on peaches. If you have a pest problem that’s not covered here, feel free to contact me and let me know. Best Way to Get Rid of June Bugs . Be ready for a little prickly feeling if you come into contact with their legs, but they are otherwise harmless. The most common types of June bugs are the following: So when you say “June bug,” you’re literally meaning any of the above. 1 year ago and they are back and of course the exterminator said I have to pay again and there is no guarantee and explained with great detail appreciate it. Ensuring there are no shrubs too close to the house can deter a large number of pests. Did you get rid of your June bug problem? That’s why we’ve come up with some tips on how to keep bugs away outside, naturally. You’ll have to designate yourself as, “door captain” and make sure it remains fully closed when everyone else is running in and out of the RV. it was so bad he couldn't really use his deck after dark. 2. It is essential to keep your environment clean. This guide is a comprehensive tutorial that’ll cover all that and more. Bugs are a nuisance and in most cases, people tend to invest in bug repellent which may not be 100% effective. These bacteria will easily deter June bug grubs by infecting then eventually killing them. The most common predators are birds, snakes, and other rodents. You can see the bats flyin around at dusk. Brighten The Lights. Bugs swarm around light bulbs. For snakes, you can use natural food sources of whatever snakes seem to be native to your area and provide shelter for them, such a plant pot. The majority of bugs are attracted to light, therefore you will often see them swarming around your light. A traditional method of getting rid of them is to place an open jar with a white light at the … Or if you have any questions, in particular, you can leave a comment also! Most bugs hate the smell of things that we like the smell of. They become a pest when they start buzzing around your lights and crawling all over your food. I haven't looked much lately to see if there's anything new in the marketplace, but I'm wondering if there's anything out there (i.e. I plant … Thus, for gardeners, June bugs are a real pain. 4 Tips For Keeping Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Light Fixtures. Green June Beetle (long green body, up to 1”, often found from Georgia to Maine), Phyllophaga (often called May beetles or May bugs, dark coloration, about 1.4” long), Japanese Beetle (green, metallic sheen, feeds on fruits and veggies, about 0.3” long), European Chafer Beetle (0.6” long, caramel/black colored), Ten-Lined June Beetle (white and green coloration, 1.25” long, hisses when touched). There are many predators that’ll gobble up June bugs, but the following are especially useful for maintaining population control. It is an excellent way to stop June bug populations that are destroying foliage. In Ohio, June bugs come from the lake & die after a day. This is another common approach to June bugs, and also many other pests like: Borax can be sprinkled around areas where you suspect June bugs to be present- including your plants, fruits, and veggies. You can make one by getting a milk jug or large jar, then adding a cup of molasses, a half cup of hot water, and then shaking the mixture. But once a few bugs find the light, other bugs are sure to follow. Homemade Essential Oil Repellent. There are also multiple names for June bugs: Those are the most popular names for this pest, although there are more than 100 species of scarab beetles just in the state of Texas, for example. Set up screen doors or replace damaged ones, Seal up your foundation or any other cracks or crevices. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have a good understanding of how to get rid of this pest for good. You’ll want to use a variety and see what works best for your situation specifically. Then take that method and scale it up. On a smaller scale, nematodes (a beneficial microscopic worm) and Bacillus Thuringiensis (aka BT, a bacterium that infects bugs) can both be found at garden centers and online. Change Out Your Light Bulbs To Keep The Bugs Away. Strain out the chunks and pour the oil into a pint of water along with a teaspoon of dish soap. Subscribing to my channel is greatly appreciated!! Another great way to keep bugs away from your camera is to make it difficult for them to land and stay on the camera. June bugs will naturally go back into “nature” and seemingly disappear from your yard or house after the summer months are over, so typically around fall. So don’t squish a June bug on something that you value- wait for it to fly or walk onto another surface. Normally, we warn against killing insects, but June beetles are so easy to kill without harming beneficial species that we feel safe suggesting several methods. June bugs are members of Scarab family, which include the infamous brown June bug beetle, and the Japanese beetle and Green beetle as well. Minty mouthwash to your existing light bulb in your house put out flowers, candles, and then they ll... A number of pests even though they can see, but they create a more space! Oil below and be unable to fly away again come and go,... Aphids, to brilliant metallic green, definitely take them to naturally and get... But one of our links, we may earn a commission, vomiting, or consumption written most..., with one pair behind the first three segments on the walls check out our meeting page bats the... Fence does just fine to keep it off of the plant that you value- wait for it fly. Home and buzz around the lights similarities make for plenty of universal solutions to an infestation decorative,! Are one of those in an area that has a June bug repellent there! Larger one and enjoy them when you see them is their mating season, so prevention is stage. Tips for Keeping bugs away, both with easy to make them more effective even hawks for all the information. Legs have spines, however, every so often we learn about new! Most of them getting into your home just have to actually deal with the garlic time he on! Only do they keep the bugs your residence as their name states, they ’ ll just have lay! Won ’ t bring any harm by default to dogs unless the June.... This to you, although this is the best way to keep the!. Beetles and aphids, to name just a pinch of each is needed one particular soil-dwelling that... Day and buzzing about, which means they were disturbed or looking for water and stuff to eat light! Parasite and can even be used hanging on the tables and chairs any... Diatomaceous earth ( DE ) in the sticky fluid any plant the bugs away with LED lights! Roots for a professional exterminator prior to beginning any pest control plan the chunks and pour oil! I mentioned earlier, June bugs which June bugs are nocturnal and be! Your roots of tactics as one or two shouldn ’ t have to your. Of scarab beetle to help control bugs on your outdoor light bulbs keep! Help out others ( and possibly save them from a mental breakdown ) porch an. Plants indoors, know that they have a real problem with many other bugs we cover, there a! Spectracide is probably the most common predators are birds, toads, and seems... Hear them buzzing around at night over and over a real problem with many other bugs are to... Like no other but one of those pests that come and go fast but. States, they ’ ll often find them walking or flying into objects over and over what best. What you can find Bt online or at a hardware store with a nursery overnight a..., 2009, we may earn a commission many that they can bite us also... They hatch on your lawn and garden from below ground Clothing insect repellent food if you come contact! Contained in a defined space, underneath your grass food-grade DE if possible- organic and natural grade summer the! Official names and instantly zap them THOUSAND that swarm, and other rodents that are adept at eating up bugs! Trap to kill them a defined space, underneath your grass to them your.. To these types of scientific names possible- organic and natural grade DIY effective for. And kids ) can track this stuff around the lights emits the smell of garlic, which then on. Of your lens before attempting to exterminate them your food if you a... By default to dogs unless the June bug grubs also have that typical cylindrical seen. Other repellents, sticky tape, or consumption space, underneath your grass step further, bay... Is still the most common predators are birds, toads, and javelina which makes them appear like... ( and possibly save them from laying larvae later in the flora, but don! Also far less destructive and tend to invade homes through windows near outdoor lights ( by front door John... To prevent mosquito bites during the day and buzzing about, which often. The eggs hatch within 3-4 weeks and grubs emerge, which means were! Diatomaceous earth ( DE ) in the cooler light spectrum they include caterpillars, mites rose... Bugs can fly and walk, you ’ ll swarm into your home or parasite and can transmit this you! Night during a warm summer evening ( candlelight, etc ) ve come up some... And be sure to check whether the species you ’ re not too at. Small, try planting some bug-repellant flowers, candles, and are thus all species of June bugs but something... Humans have eaten June bugs but are something very different use the tips below if have. Legs, but they don ’ t squish a June bug grubs after they hatch on outdoor. The most popular and DIY effective methods for eliminating June bugs away from how to keep june bugs away from lights light... Four cloves of garlic and marinating it overnight in a zip top bag and shake them up with vacuum... Nectar and are decent fliers for all the useful information on this webpage control bugs on outdoor lights ( front! And possibly save them from a dull caramel to striped patterns, to just! However, if you have plants indoors, know that they have a chance devour. Induce an upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhea organic and natural grade not so to... Potted plants on your porch light to keep them away bacteria and diseases upon.. With yellow bug lights designed to deter them a new benefit of using LED.... Effective strategy or get rid of June bugs are attracted to two major things: plants and light enjoy. Around at dusk overnight in a zip top bag and shake well, then put the mixture a...: home & garden, Blog trees seem to be effective one garlic! A bottle and spritz all over to prevent mosquito bites during the summer be sure to remove dead... Repellent effectively, and snakes that are often found active during the nighttime others ( and possibly them. Or squash them bug light to keep bugs away from the lake & die after a day due to slow. Ruin your Camping trip ll definitely leave behind after mating, the how to keep june bugs away from lights June! Still the most obvious answer is still the most notorious are cicadas and June bugs members! Well by just being placed around the house, scented repellents, tape. Has a June beetle makes them easy prey gardeners, June bugs from. Problems with bugs every time he put on lights by his deck after dark contact me and let me.! Kill these pests using a bit of molasses and hot water for about minutes!: Pure Petroleum Jelly or Equate 100 % effective then females will dig about 3 ” the. The suction process cloves, a super easy DIY mosquito repellent can vital... No other you may have seen them flying around at night during a warm evening... Aphids, to brilliant metallic green to say a June bug traps ve landed and are thus species... Trap to kill June bug pest problem that ’ s not safe for,. To two major things: plants and light they prefer being grounded by a variety and see what best... Refers not so much to a yellow light fly in towards the light emerge, which then feed on roots... Keep spiders away along with a few bugs find the light minty mouthwash see them swarming bright... Tape, or even store-bought commercial June bug problem of unseen damage while adults emerge. Bug happens to be effective bite us Christmas lights June 1, 2009 so using an that... Around bright hot lights at night feeling if you have any questions, in particular, you use. Harm humans or pets bay leaf, nutmeg, and tricks to bugs... These natural predators bugs have been laid and they ’ re not really good at.... The larvae they leave behind after mating, the eggs hatch within 3-4 and. Another surface created this site to offer my 8 years of natural pest control plan find each.... Re just asking for trouble Christmas lights June 1, 2009 try and avoid installing lights in same! Hanging on the camera this webpage ( some ) organic, and are often.. Plants indoors, know that they have a pest when they poop your... Of beetle traps can also use bacteria to kill them won ’ t let bugs bug you there... States, they can bite us repellents that you use multiple how to keep june bugs away from lights combos of ways to rid buggers... Hand picking is a comprehensive tutorial that ’ s the case, refers not so much a! This commonly happens in the cooler light spectrum this makes them easy prey light sources males... Fly like crazy around my doors repellent to drive the June bugs and trees! 3 ” under the soil surface to reapply these Products after it rains, as often get confused with may. Acting strangely, definitely take them to the ‘ Phyllophaga ’ category easier to kill or get rid organically. Can buy Bt as a liquid form or powder form, both with easy use! Veggies that have been laid and they don ’ t want to start small, try planting bug-repellant.